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Ortigas Rosas

Travel Size Parfum CHEMBRA

Travel Size Parfum CHEMBRA

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Scent your surroundings and create a refined atmosphere with the Ortigas Rosas room sprays. The perfect way to refresh the air and fill it with sophistication.

Cardamom gives spicy tones, sweetened by the warm notes of Mandarin Leaves and Nutmeg.

Top Notes: Mandarin Leaves, Rosehip
Middle Notes: Cardamom, Nutmeg
Base Notes: Cedarwood

30 ml

It comes with the Ortigas Rosas ivory color signature box.

It is in the twilight of the evening, when the heat and humidity of the whole day make the scent of cardamom take on its full splendor.
Anisha closes her eyes, breathes and remembers with sweetness and bitterness her beloved.
It was many years ago, when together they fled from her father's palace to the mountains of southern India.
In the flight the only things she hurried to take with her were a few luxurious silk garments, two bracelets of precious stones that her father had given her for her last birthday and some cardamom pods. She had always been fascinated by the smell of this spice.
As soon as she reached Chembra, the highest mountain in Kerala, she sowed her seeds and they managed to have one of the most important plantations in the area.
Now that her beloved is no longer with her in this life, she climbs at sunset, further up the lake, closes her eyes, breathes and remembers him forever from her mountain, Chembra.

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