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Ortigas Rosas

Travel Size Parfum NEROLA

Travel Size Parfum NEROLA

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Scent your surroundings and create a refined atmosphere with the Ortigas Rosas room sprays. The perfect way to refresh the air and fill it with sophistication.

Orange trees in bloom give off the lively and light note of spring. Pear and Sweet Vanilla make the fragrance intense and unmistakable.

Top Note: Pear
Middle note: Neroli
Base note: Sweet Vanilla

30 ml

It comes with the Ortigas Rosas ivory color signature box.

It's mid-afternoon and in the palace of Princess Nerola in Rome, near Piazza Navona, a party is organized.
The sun's rays are bringing out the scent of orange blossoms from the courtyard overlooking the salon. The velvet curtains move with the wind that is rising... there is a comings and goings of people coming in and out so that everything is ready. Italian aristocracy and diplomats from all over Europe are about to arrive.
Versailles glassware, silver cutlery, linen tablecloths, dessert tables with candied pears and vanilla cream... everything is ready.
Now it's time to enjoy the evening.

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