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Ortigas Rosas

Vichy Scented Purse Cologne Neroli

Vichy Scented Purse Cologne Neroli

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This vichy purse, decorated with a hammered brass ornament will preciously decorate and perfume your home.

The purse contains an interior pouch filled with volcanic stones and can easily be refilled by opening it and spraying some perfume on the stones.  

Scent: Cologne Neroli

By 1680, the princess of Nerola, put fashionably the orange blossoms essence of as perfume by using it to perfume her gloves and her bath. Since then, the name of Neroli is used for this refreshing, slightly sweetened and flowery essence. Freshness and reassuring sweetness… Ylang Tiaré The unique and intoxicating scent of skin heated by the sun and warm sand. The exoticism of the Tiaré flower mingles with the enchanting Ylang Ylang... an invitation to the sensual warmth of summer!

Refillable with the Cologne Neroli Concentrated Spray Perfume. 

Diameter approx. 12 cm  

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