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Ortigas Rosas

Concentrated Parfum

Concentrated Parfum

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This concentrated will allow you to reload our precious purses or simply to perfume your home.

Concentrated parfum.
Spray 15ml.

Available in seven scents:

Poudre de Riz

Iridescent floral accord with subtlety exacerbated by fruity inflexions that flourishes on a powdery and musky background both sensual and refined!


Rose Passion

The rose, also called Queen of Flowers, is the very symbol of femininity and passionate love stories. With multiple olfactory notes and associated with the fruit of passion, it is here mutine and greedy. On a background of white musks, which brings roundness and softness, Rose Passion becomes totally addictive.


Patchouli Borobudur

Symbolic perfume : the patchouly leaf becomes " the flower power " in the 70s, it is the first time when a plant with perfume became so strictly bound to a cultural and social movement : to a death and a birth of society. Its beautiful amber dress offers a powerful and shrouding perfume, the power of this leaf has the perfume of a wood, associated with the oakmoss, with the wood of cedar and with a departure bergamot, it becomes chypre. The fusion of a new freedom and a tradition: it is the patchouly which joins to the elegance of a chypre fragrance.

Santal Mysore

Take the destination of India, once wrapped in the luxurious sandalwood of Mysore, recalling its palaces. Their aromas are perfectly complemented by cedar and patchouli. These woody notes are in keeping with the amber, musky and balsamic notes of cashmeran (otherwise known as cashmere) and labdanum, derived from the leaves of the cistus, a small shrub on the Mediterranean coast. A fragrance that creates a woody, enchanting and warm atmosphere.


Figue Eden

In the shade of the green fig tree, its generous, but forbidden fruit, associated with gourmet vanilla, takes us to the Garden of Eden in a proximity with rich and lush nature.


Cologne Néroli

By 1680, the princess of Néroli, put fashionably the orange blossoms essence of as perfume by using it to perfume her gloves and her bath. Since then, the name of Néroli is used for this refreshing, slightly sweetened and flowery essence. Freshness and reassuring sweetness … Ylang Tiaré The unique and intoxicating scent of skin heated by the sun and warm sand. The exoticism of the Tiaré flower mingles with the enchanting Ylang invitation to the sensual warmth of summer!


Bois de Oud

This rare and precious oud wood envelops you and transports you to the heart of the Orient. Its woody, amber, slightly animal facets bring it natural and modernity all in subtlety.


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