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Ortigas Rosas

Room Spray UBIQUE

Room Spray UBIQUE

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Scent your surroundings and create a refined atmosphere with the Ortigas Rosas room sprays. The perfect way to refresh the air and fill it with sophistication.

The pungent notes of Nettle are made fresh by Rosemary and Pine. Summer savory provides the aromatic note.

Top Notes:  Nettle, Eucalyptus
Middle Notes: Rosemary, Thyme
Base Notes: Marjoram, Summer savory

250 ml

It comes with the Ortigas Rosas ivory color signature box.

It's a rainy day, the clouds come and go, the sun comes out timidly, only when the clouds let it... it seems that they don't want to give it the prominence it deserves in this season of the year.
I decided to go out for a walk in the woods, not far from here; I just need to clear my head a little and disconnect. The smell of rain, wet earth and nature relaxes me.
I start on a route I know, but soon turn off.
I watch the raindrops slide down the nettles, slowly, immune, without stinging.
The word ubique comes to mind. In Latin it means everywhere and I see them on all sides of the path into the forest.
I take a deep breath and notice the smell of savory and rosemary.
The rain becomes more intense and I decide to go back following the path covered with nettles. I hope I don't get lost because they are everywhere: UBIQUE.

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