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Ortigas Rosas

Room Spray ADEN

Room Spray ADEN

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Scent your surroundings and create a refined atmosphere with the Ortigas Rosas room sprays. The perfect way to refresh the air and fill it with sophistication.

The floral scent of Incense echoes distant memories that combine with Sandalwood and Amber in a magical journey into the past.

Top Notes: Incense, Pepper
Middle Notes: Sandalwood, White Flowers
Base Notes: Amber, Cistus

250 ml

It comes with the Ortigas Rosas ivory color signature box.

Night falls and the first rays of the full moon illuminate the temple of the oracle.
The last time we set out on the incense route, the forecasts were favorable.
We have long months ahead of us until we reach Aden, our destination.
We will overcome great difficulties, overcome the hostility of the desert and discover its secrets. We will defend the caravan from assailants and the dangers that lie in wait. We will reach oases and dream of returning...
We will reach the end of autumn, when the boswellia tree exudes the palest and most precious tears of resin. It is the purest olibanum and connects mortals with the world of the gods. As we are here tonight, asking them to be on our side in this great adventure that awaits us: Aden.

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